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    Children & Youth

    Each of us is called to serve as an ambassador of God’s love – even the youngest among us. We teach our children and teenagers that everyone is part of God’s family. And help them begin developing their spiritual life early through prayer and fellowship.

Children & Youth


Christian Education is a life-long pilgrimage and adventure that can lead us all to a stronger faith. Through education we can cross boundaries of culture, income, race, and religion, and see how we are all equal members of God’s family.

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Our Goals

  • To help the children feel that God is a living God of love, and that each of us are called to service as ambassadors of God’s love.
  • To help them see the Bible and the teachings of Jesus as relevant for our lives today.
  • To understand that everyone in the world is part of God’s family, and that we are all related and interconnected.
  • To understand diversity in God’s family as natural, good, and to be respected.
  • To help the children see the world as God’s creation and to understand their role as caregivers of this great gift.
  • To believe that we each have a role to play, and every act of kindness, no matter how large or small, is important to God and to God’s vision for our world.
  • To help the children develop a spiritual life through prayer and fellowship with one another.
  • To listen to each other thoughtfully and respectfully, valuing each other’s ideas and insights.

Our Junior and Senior High School students meet on Sunday mornings during worship services to explore issues and undertake various projects together. But an important part of their program is based on experiential travel shared: The Midnight Run in New York City, trips to the Green Grass Community in South Dakota, activities shared with the Storefront Academy in NYC, the April journey to Haiti for Senior High students, and trips to the Greater Hartford Islamic Center where, together with youth from that faith community, we explore commonalities in our faith traditions. Information about upcoming activities is available in our monthly letter. Our youth, who are drawn from many different school districts (Lyme-Old Lyme, Essex-Deep River, East Lyme and Waterford), are always encouraged to bring a friend along to share the fun!


We provide adult-supervised childcare for infants to toddlers in our nursery. Beginning at age four children are welcome to join an organized class on Sunday mornings. We provide nursery care during the 9 AM service that so parents can attend the early worship service and the fellowship hour following.


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We Depend Upon One Another

We depend upon our faith to guide us. We depend upon one another as we share and deepen our own spirituality to perform our work. And we know, too, that there are people who depend upon us – even as we depend upon them - to be signs of hope in troubling times. With our annual Stewardship Campaign, we depend upon you. We rely on you to make our ministries and our outreach possible. Our annual Stewardship Campaign raises nearly 90% of the funds needed for our ministry and missions. We welcome – and are grateful for – any and all gifts.

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