October 8th – Dr. John Selders – audio

This morning we welcomed the Rev. Dr. John Selders to the pulpit.  John is the minister of Amistad United Church in Hartford, and the leader of Moral Mondays CT, along with his wife Pamela Selders.  John and Pamela traveled together on our most recent Tree of Life Journey, and John will be one of the leaders on our upcoming journey in January 2018.  We were privileged to have John with us today!

Click below to hear his sermon,  No written text is available.

We Depend Upon One Another

We depend upon our faith to guide us. We depend upon one another as we share and deepen our own spirituality to perform our work. And we know, too, that there are people who depend upon us – even as we depend upon them - to be signs of hope in troubling times. With our annual Stewardship Campaign, we depend upon you. We rely on you to make our ministries and our outreach possible. Our annual Stewardship Campaign raises nearly 90% of the funds needed for our ministry and missions. We welcome – and are grateful for – any and all gifts.

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