Our Work in Harlem

For a number of years, the children of the Storefront School in Harlem, enjoyed a summer camp on Sterling City Road in Lyme.  And it was from this camp that our friendship with the Storefront School began.

We have had the pleasure of visiting their school in Harlem, now known as the Storefront Academy, where we have had a walking tours of 125th street in Harlem, as well as once spending an overnight at the Museum of Natural History, building friendships between our teenagers and  Storefront students.  Most recently students from Harlem came to Old Lyme and participated in a wonderful ropes course at Bushy Hill Nature Center along with our church youth.

We Depend Upon One Another

We depend upon our faith to guide us. We depend upon one another as we share and deepen our own spirituality to perform our work. And we know, too, that there are people who depend upon us – even as we depend upon them - to be signs of hope in troubling times. With our annual Stewardship Campaign, we depend upon you. We rely on you to make our ministries and our outreach possible. Our annual Stewardship Campaign raises nearly 90% of the funds needed for our ministry and missions. We welcome – and are grateful for – any and all gifts.

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