Communication Committee Publicity Request Form

Help us publicize your event by filling out this form as completely as you can.  Thank you!

Publicity Request Form

  • What is your event, activity or service called?
  • Please tell us the date, the time it starts and approximately how long it will last.
  • Tell us where the event will take place. If it takes place at the church, please identify the specific space within the church - e.g., the Fellowship Hall.
  • What's involved in the event or activity? Tell us what people who attend or participate will see, do, hear, etc.
  • Are any other churches, mission partners or nonprofit organizations involved? If so, tell us which ones.
  • Will the proceeds from the event benefit the church, a specific church program, a nonprofit organization or a family in need? If so, tell us whom.
  • Is there a cost involved to attend the event or is it free? Is there going to be a suggested donation or free-will donation? Tell us the fund-raising details.
    Who do you want to come to this event or activity?
    Do you have photos or videos that we can use? If so, please send them via email to
  • Do people need to RSVP to attend? If so, tell us how they do that.
  • Please give us your name, email address and phone number in case we need to contact you for additional information.
  • Tell us whom reporters, congregation members or the general public should contact if they need more information. Please provide that person's email address and/or phone number for inclusion in publicity materials.
  • If there is any additional information you feel it is important for us to know, please include it here.