Bring Glenda Home – Part 2

In late March of 2021, while efforts continued to bring Glenda home, Miguel was doing some yard work when a nail pierced his foot. He was hospitalized as a result and, after a complication caused him to go into cardiac arrest, he was transferred to the intensive care unit.

Our Immigration Committee at that point was already working with immigration attorney Glenn Formica’s office on a humanitarian parole application for Glenda. Due to Miguel’s medical condition and other family struggles, we were able to get assistance from Senator Richard Blumenthal’s office and Kica Matos of the Vera Institute, who helped us expedite the application.

Glenda was granted humanitarian parole and returned to her family on Sunday, Apr. 11. Sadly, Miguel passed away a few days later on Friday, Apr. 16, at St. Mary’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

The Torres family has been devastated by the loss of Miguel.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family cover Miguel’s medical expenses.  Please help them if you can.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who played a role in helping to bring Glenda home.

We continue to embrace the family as they cope with this latest tragedy. We continue to work with Glenn Formica’s office to assist in any way we can to push forward Glenda’s immigration case. Our hope is that she will receive legal status and be able to raise her children in the U.S. as Miguel would have wanted.