This year’s sale dates are Friday 7/8 & Saturday 7/9 – from 9:00 to 2:00 and 8:00 to 12:00 respectively. A detail calendar is included in the newsletter with intake dates.

With such a large organization, there is a turnover each year with folks ‘retiring’ after years of work, moving, etc. For the White Elephant Sale to continue, we need help in all departments and developing new department heads is essential.

Below is a list of areas in need:
Children’s clothing                                  TWO co chairs
Large Furniture                                       co chair
Package Check [sale days]                    chairperson
Worker refreshment [sale days]          chairperson
Parking lot attendants on sale day      workers

Prior years more than 200 folks helped in some way or another sorting, organizing, outside setup, selling or cleanup after the sale. Even a few hours of your time will be greatly appreciated. You’ll have a great time, meet new friends and have a rewarding experience.

For those of you that would just like to help out – please call one of the department heads listed in the Organization chart and volunteer to work in an area that interests you or just show up during intake days and give us a few hours in any area you like.

Thank you in advance.