On Sunday September 25th, at 11:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall, we’ll begin a series of adult forums entitled “Living With Uncertainty.” The pandemic has introduced a greater level of uncertainty into all of our lives, ranging from our daily schedules to basic questions about the future. But that uncertainty reaches into other domains as well – the environment, politics, the economy – with consequences for our bodily, emotional, and spiritual well being. Beginning with a presentation on the Spirituality of Uncertainty from Paul Burgmayer, an accomplished and wise spiritual director, we’ll be exploring several dimensions of this topic throughout the Fall, addressing how we maintain a sense of equilibrium when so much around us feels unstable. Indeed, we’ll explore how uncertainty is the very condition for faith itself, which requires a level of not-knowing, blindness, and groping about in the dark if faith is to be faith at all (for we do not walk by sight, the book of Hebrews tells us!). We hope you’ll join us for these presentations and conversations, beginning at 11:30 on Sunday, September 25th.