Friday October 28th 9:30-3:00 Come to the Water: Resilient Spirits Retreat Mercy Center, Madison, CT   What keeps our spirits resilient, even in times of upheaval? The past few years have challenged us, and we have also found resilience within ourselves. This retreat offers space for reflection and sharing as we explore together what helps us build resilience in our daily lives – what lifts our spirits? What brings us balance? What offers us hope? Through the spacious rhythm of retreating by the sea to Mercy Center in Madison, we’ll have generous time to explore the grounds, walk the beach and labyrinth, experience yoga and solitude and share  what gives us life so that we might return to our lives renewed.   Offered by Laura and guests. Reserve a space at $35.00 includes lunch (scholarships available). Checks may be made out to FCCOL.