FCCOL issued the following statement on Friday night, Aug. 20:

Dear Friends,
   We at FCCOL are monitoring the weather reports for Sunday morning, and it may be the case that Hurricane Henri will make it unsafe to travel even short distances. If that comes to pass, we’re planning to have a live online worship option available, conducted via Zoom. It’ll be an informal affair, but it’ll be a way of being together even during a storm. Which is, more or less, what we’ve been doing for a long while now.
   You’ll find updates on our website, and in your email inbox. In the meantime, make the preparations you need to stay safe and comfortable, should the storm intensify. And if you need assistance with anything, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here.
Love to all of you…and more soon!
The ministers and staff of FCCOL
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